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Bring your remote guests to you


For when your family & friends just can’t get there
live stream your ceremony

Limelight and Tailor can bring your wedding ceremony to life with our live streaming technology. We can integrate your relatives live or remotely from anywhere in the world and make them a part of the ceremony. Our live streaming system creates a custom wedding ceremony with a TV Show like feel with multiple camera angles, graphics, and a guest experience that is engaging and entertaining.

Whether you wedding is at home, your church, or wedding venue, we can make it exceptional using our broadcast cameras, professional microphones and on site mobile TV Studio.

You can trust us to bring your wedding ceremony to your guests and make it a magical experience for all who virtually attend.

Since all wedding live streams are not the same, we suggest Contacting Us to get a custom quote for your ceremony. On average though, live streaming costs between $1000-$2000.